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Women Who Lead.

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Similar to other realms in the classical music industry, classical Art Song performance suffers from an underrepresentation of female pianists at the highest level. At the conservatories, masterclasses and competitions, there are just as many if not more talented and driven female Art Song pianists as male; yet those who have gone on to have successful performing and teaching careers throughout Europe and the USA have remained predominately male. No one has provided an adequate explanation as to why this has been the case, despite having often been questioned. While there have been many initiatives within the classical musical industry to raise awareness and invest in the future for women in fields such as conducting and composing, nothing has yet been done for female Art Song pianists. Lied the Way is an initiative created and directed by Elenora Pertz to begin to remedy this problematic underrepresentation.
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Workshop 2021

From Friday, September 17th - Sunday, September 19th, 2021, Lied the Way will hold a workshop for female Art Song pianists to share, learn and grow in a multi-generational setting. It is an opportunity to acquire the requisite tools for a flourishing artistic career that are not necessarily taught in a formal academic setting. As opposed to other Art Song masterclasses which concentrate on performance tradition, the focus of this workshop will be on the individual pianist and empowering her unique artistic voice. To achieve this, the workshop will focus on strengthening and balancing three crucial aspects of an artist’s path: wellness, craft and career.
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Becoming centered in mind and body. 


As pianists we are often overloaded with many different projects and everyday stresses, and we forget to be present in our bodies and breathe. For this reason, we will start each morning with a yoga session, in order for our participants to become centered in both body and mind before the rest of the day's work. 


It all begins with the art. 

Pianist Susan Manoff (recital partner of Véronique Gens, Patricia Petibon, Sandrine Piau, etc.) will lead internal masterclasses for the selected Performing Participants, giving them inspiring impulses and assisting them in finding their own musical voices. She will focus on the importance of staying true to your voice while working with other voices—singers— and will share her experiences throughout the weekend on how to follow one’s path while building a long-lasting and fulfilling career.


Turning passion into profession. 

The career portion of the workshop will have two focuses: individual resilience training and panels with trailblazing female Art Song pianists. Performance coach Waltraud Österreicher (Franz Schubert Institute, International Lied Festival Zeist, etc.) will give group sessions on resilience training and how it applies to various aspects of a musician’s lifestyle. Additionally, Waltraud will offer private one-on-one coachings to the selected Performing Participants on topics of their choosing. In the evenings there will be round-table discussions led by highly established female Art Song pianists, addressing topics such as entrepreneurial skills, patchwork careers and the healthy maintenance of professional relationships. The first evening will feature pianists from Europe, while the second evening will feature pianists from the United States. Kathleen Kelly, Carrie-Ann Matheson, Myra HuangJocelyn FreemanChanda VanderHart and Doriana Tchakarova are some of the brilliant pianists who will be sharing their ideas on the panels. 

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The workshop will take place at Schloss Imbshausen— a beautiful, neo-gothic castle located in central Germany. It is accessible directly by train.  All activities—  wellness and resilience training sessions, masterclasses, career panels, as well as meals and lodging— will take place in the castle, which accommodates up to 120 people.

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The workshop is open to female Art Song pianists of all ages; this will provide a unique cross-generational exchange that is rarely seen in masterclasses. It will allow the women to learn from and share their own experiences with one another— whether in the various sessions and masterclasses, or conversing over a meal together in the castle.


The fees include tuition to all masterclasses, wellness and career sessions, as well as room and board for the weekend (Double Occupancy). Each participant must pay for her own transportation to Schloss Imbshausen (directly accessible by train).


Performing Participant (includes active participation in the masterclass with Susan Manoff and a private one-on-one coaching with Waltraud Österreicher): €195 per person.

Non-performing Participant (includes attendance to all activities as well as room and board): €175 per person.

There is no application fee. 

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If you would like to attend the workshop, please fill out the application form before Thursday, July 15th, 2021 (Performing Participants) or Sunday, August 1st, 2021 (Non-performing Participants).

Performing Participants will be notified of their acceptance to the workshop by Sunday, August 1st, 2021. All Non-performing Participants will be accepted. 

Questions? Contact Elenora at

Susan Manoff

Masterclass Teacher

Susan Manoff is one of the foremost collaborative pianists and master teachers of her generation. She performs regularly at festivals and venues including Wigmore Hall, Théâtre des Champs-Elysées Paris, Carnegie Hall New York, Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam, as well as the Konzerthaus and Musikverein in Vienna. She has recorded for labels such as Alpha Classics, Sony, Decca, and Deutsche Grammophon, many of which have gone on to win prizes such as Alpha Classics and Gramophone. Susan Manoff was assistant chorus director at the Opéra Bastille in Paris and is presently a professor at the Paris Conservatory. She was decorated Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres in 2011. 

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Waltraud Österreicher

Performance Coach

Waltraud Österreicher’s unique background in music, theater, coaching and psychology makes her a highly sought-after coach for musicians, actors and business people alike. After studying and working professionally both as a musician and actress, in 1999 her passion for people led her to a certification as a professional coach. In her work she covers various themes, including: Preparation for competitions and concerts, self-worth and personal development, mental training, time management, communication, conflict management as well as career and life planning. For years she has worked with young Lied Duos at festivals such as Franz Schubert Institute and International Lied Festival Zeist. Thanks to her diverse training, extensive experience and strong intuition, Waltraud accompanies her clients into a happy, fulfilling and successful life, both professionally and personally. 

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Many thanks to the Hamel Stiftung and Private Donors for your generous support! 

This year's workshop is dedicated to Dr. Carolyn Hague (†2021)
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